Dear Dr. Yun and Staff,

I wanted to thank you for fixing my horrible knees and for the great care I received from you and your entire staff. I’m starting to live life again and trying to retrain muscles that haven’t been used in 50+ years. I no longer have the horrific knee pain that I experienced prior to my surgeries and I can actually bend my knees now to pick things up off the floor!

I know that you usually see the knees from the inside but I thought you would like to see a photo from the outside (just disregard the horrible veins). I haven’t been able to put my feet together since I was a little girl!

Thank you again,




Hey Dr Yun & Team,

Here’s me yesterday at Mammoth taking some nice telemark turns with my new hip! Six weeks out from surgery and it’s feeling pretty damn good. Don’t worry, I stayed off the moguls ????

– Sam

Dr. Yun performed a total hip replacement of my right hip on April 18, 2014. I walked later that day, and left the hospital with only a cane a day later. I resumed driving after a week, and by day 11 after the surgery, I was walking 2+ miles per day. After my 3 week check up and release, I celebrated by going for a hike! My experience with Dr. Yun and his staff, and the fantastic orthopedic staff at St. John’s, was excellent every step of the way.

Best technical surgeon period. Who cares about bedside manner when his surgical skills are unparalleled? He has physician assistants who are very nice and can answer virtually any question you have. Pre-surgery classes are excellent and provide a great level of comfort. St. John’s is a great hospital, facilities are new and orthopedic ward is as nice as a hospital can be. His outcomes are excellent – I have heard from others who have had great results with Dr. Yun – I am one of those patients.



Dr. Yun performed a total replacement of my left hip on April 17, 2014. I walked on the hip with a walker the evening of the surgery. All my pre and post op experiences with Dr. Yun and his team have been excellent. The elimination of severe pain from my old worn out hip has been such a blessing. I have been walking 20 to 30 minutes without a cane for the last 2 weeks and experiencing only mild tolerable pain as the healing process continues for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Dr Yun is a gifted surgeon who has always been responsive to all my needs and questions and I highly recommend him to those considering hip surgery.


– Ron S



Week 1 after hip replacement surgery by Andrew Yun and his team at St. John’s.  I am ordinarily hard to please, but this was the best surgical experience and hospital stay I’ve had or could imagine.  Everything went exactly as described to me; no surprises.  The staff and follow-up care have been incredible.  Totally satisfied (so far).  No wonder it is the top rated hip replacement center in the country.



Andrew Yun, M.D. is an excellent surgeon.  Last December he did a total left hip replacement for me and this June he did a total right hip replacement for me.  Both surgeries were handled beautifully.  His handout explains everything about the entire experience and is the the best I have had from any physician.  I was able to climb stairs the day after the surgery, drive a week later and resume normal activities after a few weeks.  His staff is supportive and Providence St. John’s hospital is a fine place to have the surgery.  He is also an expert in knee replacement and I have several friends who have had both knee and hip replacements with Dr. Yun.  His anterior placement technique means a quick recovery and the goal is to get you up and walking right away.  He has restored my mobility and I am grateful.

I neglected to place my review for Dr. Andrew Yun on the Santa Monica YELP page from 10/13/2013 – Dr. Yun continues to do surgeries on friends and acqaintances, end result:  they are now enjoying a wonderful quality of life thanks to Dr. Yun.



Below is my review I placed on YELP, Marina del Rey office:  10/13/2013:  My family and I have been to many doctors and surgeons throughout our lives and Dr. Yun ranks right up there at the top of ALL surgeons and doctors.  We commend Dr. Yun for his professionalism, innovativeness, thoroughness in explaining what the xrays showed at a level that we could understand (comparing what the xrays show and what a normal body xray looks like), and his great attitude towards us.  Fortunately, we did not have knee or hip replacement issues and physical therapy took care of the pain in my knees and my husband’s issue was his back.  I then went back to Dr. Yun in August forwhat I thought was my hip. Dr. Yun was so caring and informative of what he thought my problem was in my back and not my hip.



We have friends (one friend was so crippled he could hardly walk – operation was February 2013) who Dr. Yun performed hip and knee replacements on.  They are now pain free, recovery was minimal – no rehab required except for “Walk and Wait”.  I believe the innovative surgical procedures Dr. Yun performs (going in the front vs “traditional” down the side of the hip – I hope I said this correctly) without having to go to a rehab facility is what made the recovery time of our friends so fast.  We have another friend who had the “traditional” down the side of the hip replacement performed in May 2013 by another surgeon and she was in the rehab facility for ~3 weeks and still had a ways to go.



Thanks to Dr. Yun for improving the quality of life of so many – he must sleep well at night being a “miracle” surgeon.  We all are fortunate to have Dr. Yun in our “hip pocket” if we need him – we know he will be there for us!



I interviewed four hip replacement surgeons before selecting Dr. Andrew Yun and his team at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. Selecting Dr. Yun was the best decision I ever made regarding my health. He is a true pioneer in hip replacement surgery, generating spectacular results, speedy recoveries and happy patients. I walked 100 feet on my new hip on the day of my surgery and was released from the hospital after a two day stay. Dr. Yun is expert, efficient, and visits his patients regularly. One evening he even brought his young daughter (perhaps a future physician) along during rounds. He supplements all of his instructions with written materials and handouts, making the entirety of the procedure easy to understand and ensuring a positive recovery. Like Dr. Yun, , the entire team is professional, expert, sincere, and extremely well prepared to assist you in your surgery and recovery. I have two bad knees and may need knee replacement one day. I can assure you I will call Dr. Andrew Yun. Thank you Dr. Yun.



Dr yun is a Genius. I have had both hips replaced, had 2 scoped knee surgeries and lots of knee pain the past 30 years. I was referred to Dr. yun and I couldn’t be happier. I just had total knee replacement, Dr. Yun was great in the pre-op immediately saw me after surgery and everyday after surgery. His team is the best, everyone was more than perfect, friendly and very professional. I couldn’t recommend any higher.



Just a little update. I’m now seven weeks post surgical after total left hip replacement. I have been going for outpatient physical therapy at Independent Physical Therapy in Sherman Oaks (thank you Isaac, my physical therapist). It really is amazing when you can do things today with much more ease than yesterday. Literally, just the day before. I suddenly realized one day, about a week or so ago, that I was no longer having to contort and drag my left leg into my car. I’m walking at full speed again. To think, I had a doctor, a few months ago, suggest that at I should take anti-inflammatories to put the hip replacement off for as long as possible.This doesn’t make any sense. You heal faster when you are younger, and if you are going to need the surgery anyway, why put it off and suffer longer. I guess the main reason would be financial for many people. My suggestion is, if you are able, get it done sooner rather than later. It’s a life changer



I had a total left hip replacement done by Dr. Yun December 13, 2013. After about one week I was walking with only a cane. At around three weeks I carried the cane, but only in case I might need it, and I was driving my stick shift car. St. John’s Hospital was very good (if you ignore the food; but then what hospital has good food?). The personnel were very caring. All my post hospital care arrangements were thoroughly taken care of, including home physical therapy. Dr. Yun came to look in on me later on the day of my surgery and again the following day (Saturday), and then again on Monday, the I was discharged. I read some of the reviews that portrayed Dr. Yun as rude and other negative traits. All I can say to those people is look within. Some people are never pleased and just have a personality that brings out the worst in others. Dr. Yun was nothing but courteous and willing to answer questions. Dr. Yun apparently does at least hundreds of these surgeries a year. I am very happy with my results and would definitely recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.


– Cathy C.

Poway, CA



Dr. Yun did a total hip replacement at the St. Johns Hospital location one month ago. I am now driving, walking up to 10 blocks, and very happy with my results. I still have several more months until I am fully recovered. I was very happy with my interaction with Dr. Yun. He’s extremely thorough. My visits were punctual. He answered all my questions before I even asked him, therefore not wasting a lot of my time, which I value. My husband and I traveled from San Diego to have this operation, and it was well worth it. I wanted a doctor who was a precise and technical. That’s what I got. I didn’t expect or want a lot of chit chat, as I saw another stated that they wanted. If you want the best doctor, see Dr. Yun. If you’re going to a doctor for conversation, go see someone else. That’s not his style. That’s not what you’re paying for, nor should you want, if you want the best results.


– Lillian R. H.

Los Angeles, CA



Dr Yun and his team at St. Johns Health Center are the most dedicated, professional, and talented in the country. St Johns Health Center was ranked top 5 nationally for orthopedic surgery and I have no doubt that Dr. Yun was a major factor to this . I have worked in the orthopedic industry for over 8 years and I can honestly say that Dr Yun’s technical skill, dedication, and overall knowledge of orthopedics is unmatched in the industry. He keeps up with the latest developments and studies in orthopedics and is always looking for ways to improve the patient’s experience. I have recommended Dr. Yun to both family and friends for joint replacement surgery. I have heard their accounts of how pleased they were with both Dr. Yun’s professionalism and surgical skills. If you are looking for an experienced surgeon with a proven track record, then Dr Yun and his team at St Johns Heath Center is the best choice by far.


– Debbie B.

Santa Monica, CA



Based on the reviews I just read on Yelp for Dr. Yun, I feel like my husband saw a completely different doctor! My husband, just 49 years old, started to experience sever hip pain and went to a reputable orthopedic group in Santa Monica and was told he had arthritis but was was not eligible for a hip replacement yet (and wouldn’t be for another 3-5 years) and that insurance would not ok the procedure. My husband was in constant, worsening pain and felt trapped. Coincidently, my best friend, also suffering from hip problems and pain, was referred to Dr. Yun, by a stranger in the medical field, and was told he was the best at what he did and to stop wasting her time chasing other remedies recommended by her current doctor. She saw Dr. Yun, called my husband raving about what a great doctor he was, how impressed she was with his bedside manner, knowledge and credentials. My husband made an appointment and I came with him to his consult with Dr. Yun. Dr. Yun spent as much time discussing Huckleberry Fin with my husband (an English teacher) as he did discussing my husbands need for a hip replacement and the procedure. Dr. Yun’s credentials would alone be hard to rival but additionally, he is personable, affable, knowledgeable and was patient answering our questions. He is a busy man because he is regarded so highly. I agree with the reviewer who says save your reviews about service and attitude for a restaurant. Not only do I completely disagree with the reviews about Dr. Yun’s personality and bedside manner, I also think bedside manner and personality are irrelevant. If you want the best doctor for the job, which I do, it’s his ability not personality which is important. Cut open on an operating table, under anesthetic, it’s hardly a doctor’s friendliness which count. My best friend had the surgery three weeks ago and my husband had his two days ago. He is up and walking (200 feet), getting great care at St. John’s and is looking forward to getting back to his active life. My husband is grateful that Dr. Yun was right (my husband needed a new hip) and that he didn’t have to suffer the three to five years he was previously told. Obviously, my husband qualified for the surgery and insurance is paying for it! I should add that it took Dr. Yun long enough to just glance at my husband’s MRI (ordered and reviewed by the Dr. who denied him the surgery originally) to know and see that my husband needed the procedure. We are both extremely pleased with this whole experience.


– Tom V.

Anaheim, CA



Great to live again , love my total knee replacement so happy I chose dr yun on friends advice, staff was great took care of my needs, so did dr Yun completely. not a big talker true ,me either and not why I chose Dr Yun. If I ever need surgery I will go to him. No pain for 2 years so far. Dr Yun is nice and the best ,look no more, staff nice too I saw some bad reviews do not believe them.


– Keith smith



My name is Keith Smith. I am a 52 yr old male. i have been dealing w/ an arthritic hip problem for the past 8 yrs. this past December it was time. I scheduled the procedure w/ Dr Yun and his team. leading up to the surgery date of 1/20. i had been hearing so much positive comments on Dr Yun and his team. I’d see someone limping at the grocery and I’d inquire about what was their problem — i’d share that i was scheduled to see Dr Yun and almost always people just went off about how talented he and his staff were. I arrived at the hospital 5 am on 1/20. I was processed – Dr Yun stopped by briefly and marked my hip. the AMAZING Dr. Wallace -the anesthesiologist stopped by we discussed briefly what was going to happen. I was wheeled in. I sat on the side of the bed and was given a few shots in my spine – then told I would feel a burning sensation — NEXT THING I WAS DONE — Recovering in my room. PERFECT. I was sharp as a tack. no groggy drug feeling.I walked w/ a walker that night -that morning I walked w/ a cane. I was discharged that afternoon. at home i have began walking w/ out the cane. I drove yesterday. I AM BLOWN AWAY AT HOW SMOOTH THIS ALL WENT. I am taking it easy. still icing and rehabbing. IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT I HAVE A TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT. THK U DR YUN AND YOUR FANTASTIC TEAM!!!


– Jackie K.

Solvang, CA



Dr. Yun performed hip surgery on me Feb. 14th, 20013. I am a 73 year old male. I was in so much pain, I truly did not know how I could live out my days being immobile and in constant discomfort. I had gone to other doctors. Happily a friend told me to see Dr. Yun. I also had backaches due to spinal stenosis. I decided to proceed with hip surgery first. Dr. Yun is the best, exacting, professional I’ve been too. I had surgery on Thursday afternoon and left hospital on Saturday morning with my wife driving me to Santa Barbara area. Max was 3 weeks recovery downtime. Since then I have walked, danced, hiked,golfed, gone boating and recently went zip lining in HI. I have had no complications of any kind and my back has also improved so much I will not have further surgery. I know all cases are different, but my case is nothing short of miraculous with Dr. Yun performing the miracle! I did not need a rehab, or Physical Therapy………I convalesced at home. It has been 8 months since my surgery. They say you are the best you will be at l year after surgery. I still have 4 months to go. Perhaps I will take up skiing!!!!!


– Leslie J.

Los Angeles, CA



My name is Leslie A. Jones I am 54 years old. I have been a patient since 4/15/2013. I have nothing but praise to give about this facility. The nurses there are all very pleasant and professional. The doctors there are the top of the line doctors. Highly paid athletes use these doctors and their care for you is no different or less than it is for the high powered athlete. My surgery was a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Andrew Yun.

He and his staff were more than I ask for. They treated me like my profession was sports. The bedside manner was excellent the outpatient care the same. My surgery took place on 5/ 17/ 2013. As a result of Dr. Yun and his staff, today 10/ 21/ 2013 not only am I walking, bending and exercising. But I am able to run up to 2 miles with not a problem. 
I am proud to give this facility and Dr. Yun 5 stars. And I recommend him to anyone that is having hip trouble.


– L.A.J



Had a Total Hip Replacement with Dr Yun at St Josephs in July 2013 and was up walking that night and discharged the following night.

I’m not going to comment as to his “bedside manner” or “service” as some of the other reviewers have done because it’s inconsequential when you are talking about a major surgery and artificial hip you’ll have for the rest of your life (although Yun and his staff were very responsive and personable with me). I want someone that has done this procedure thousands of times per year and Yun does this probably more than any other doctor around . Save the Service whining for a restaurant or hotel review.

I am part of UCLA Health care and my UCLA physician referred me to someone at UCLA that does the Posterior approach. I chose Yun (and did not use my physician’s referral) because Yun does Anterior and I could not be more happy or grateful.

With an Anterior approach you have faster recovery and no restrictions – that alone is worth it. 

small tip: go to his Marina Del Rey office (versus the hospital) and you will not be charged the Hospital facility fee for the office visits, which is a worthless charge. same doctor, same procedure.


– Philip T.

Culver City, CA



Dr. Yun is a extremely talented and gifted doctor.
My husband just had right hip replacement surgery and it has restored his life, he was unable to walk.
Walked around his hospital room within 7 hours of surgery and has not stopped walking since he arrived home, the best therapy.
2-3 months we will go back to Dr. Yun to have left hip replaced.
The office staff was amazing every step of the way.  Dr. Yun is not the most talkative Dr…..but what do I need that for? I don’t need to make a new friend I need someone that knows what they are doing.
This is the go to Dr. when you are looking for hip, knee replacement!!!


– Laura S.

Los Angeles, CA



I had a total hip replacement by Dr. Yun in October, and I am now able to walk without pain for the first time in years. It’s all about the surgeon and his skills, and not the bedside manner, though Dr. Yun is warming up to that, and my wife and I found him very likeable.  Granted his post-surgery visits in the hospital were short, but he was attentive and answered our questions.  I had surgery at 8 a.m. and I was out of bed and walking that evening. I spent one full day in the hospital where I went through OT and PT to make sure I would be able to function when discharged. I was discharged 2 days after the surgery and was able to walk 15 to 20 minutes without pain, though there was some soreness and stiffness at the incision site. Within four weeks of the surgery, I was walking up to 2 miles a day without a cane. Dr. Yun’s team is fantastic. I can’t say enough about them. When I e-mailed questions or called (I live in Northern California)  someone always promptly answered my queries. Don’t be put off by other reviews, Dr. Yun is a top-notch surgeon, and his team is very caring.  Dr. Yun ensures that you are thoroughly taken care of and prepared to go home. The care I received at St. John’s was unbelievable. Not only was I impressed, but so were family members who visited me impressed by the level of care and attention I received. Two months after surgery, I am so grateful I opted for the anterior approach hip replacement as I can function now without any restrictions. I would have never believed it possible.


– Joe P.

Placerville, CA



I have been an athlete all of my life. All of the jumping and landing  on my legs eventually led me to Dr. Andrew Yun. After reviewing my ex-rays he politely told me that i had  two choices–i could live with the pain or get a new hip and have no pain. Thank goodness i chose the later. He is an excellent surgeon with an excellent staff. The surgery was one hour and i was up walking that day and went home on day 3. I followed his instructions and was walking unaided 1-2 miles a day by the second week following my surgery.  I was back working out in 3-4 weeks and was playing golf in 7 weeks even though I probably should have waited one or two more weeks before doing so. 

His bedside manners need work–however I knew that going in so it didn’t bother me. I would rather have a great surgeon with no bedside manners than one with a great personality who does medicore work. His staff got a kick out of my nickname for him–“the blur” as you only see him for seconds at a time. 

St. John’s and their staff couldn’t have been nicer or more competent and the same goes for Dr. Yun’s staff. I am 70 years old and am back thanks to Dr. Yun,his staff, and St. John’s.If you are thinking about a hip replacement have it done as I did. you will not be sorry.


– Wayne B.

Los Angeles, CA



I am the Chief of Anesthesiology at St. John’s Health Center and have a different view point from patients. I have seen a myriad of surgeons over 20 years and feel that I have a unique vantage of dedication and technique that could not be appreciated by patients.

Dr. Yun is an extraordinarily dedicated surgeon who has committed himself to patient safety and outcome. Here are some things that patients could never know. He travels to different joint replacement programs throughout the country to keep his practice the most progressive and safe program in the country. He uses a team approach wherein the entire team is trained by him and encouraged to participate in patient care. This results in a multidisciplinary approach that extends the scope of care beyond one practitioner. With everyone committed, there are no gaps or omissions in care.

The practice has grown to over 900 cases per year, what we refer to “super specialization.” It shows in his surgical technique, which is meticulously orchestrated. His dedication to a perfect joint manifests itself from planning the surgery until the patient walks out the door.

One could say the proof is in the pudding. What do the patients say? I have referred him a dozen patients, and everyone of them has a perfect joint and returned to work earlier than anticipated. No complaints, only praise.

In summary, there are many good surgeons to pick from, but a patient could not do better or be safer than having Dr. Yun as his or her joint surgeon. For those that read this review, I wish you well in your upcoming surgeries.


– Kenneth S.

Santa Monica, CA



Dr. Andrew Yun is a caring and very exacting surgeon. I have had five operations with him and in each case he excelled beyond all expectations. In one case he worked on me for eight consecutive hours and saved my life, literally.

I have noticed some disgruntled reviews in reading through the yelp entries, and find them very troubling. They reflect very badly on the reviewers, in that their values seem to be totally misplaced. I would like to know if the results of their surgeries or in fact satisfactory or not. Or were they expecting to be treated like guests that some kind of fancy hotel?  surgeons are not our servants, although they serve us immensely.


– Ivan S. Palm Springs, CA



If you are looking for the best partial knee replacement, you will find it with Dr. Yun.  He is the most specialized, experienced, and technically refined uni knee replacement surgeon in the country.  Dr. Yun possess the reproducible surgical talent to give every patient a long lasting partial knee, freeing them of pain so they can get back to their active lives.


– Ryan M.

Venice, CA



Dr Yun and his team at St Johns Health Center is one the most dedicated, professional, and talented in the country. St Johns Health Center  was recently ranked nationally in the top 5 for orthopedic surgery and I have no doubt that Dr Yun  was a major contributing factor to this prestigious acknowledgment. 

I have worked in the orthopedic industry for over eight years and I can honestly say that Dr Yun’s technical skill, dedication, and overall knowledge of orthopedics is unmatched in the industry.  He  consistently keeps abreast of the latest developments and studies in orthopedics and is always looking for ways to improve the patient experience.

I have recommended Dr. Yun to both family and friends for joint replacement surgery. 
I have heard their firsthand accounts of how pleased they were with both Dr. Yun’s
professionalism and surgical skills.

If you are looking for an experienced surgeon with a proven track record, then Dr Yun and his team at St Johns Heath Center is the best choice by far.


– Sean B.

Pasadena, CA



Dr. Yun has given me a new life. After seeing a celebrity surgeon.for my hip.a respected colleague of mine recommended Dr Yun. He had done her hip. Every aspect of the hip replacement and recovery was first rate. I had pre op  meetings and literature that prepared me for all phases. St Johns experience was like being on a cruise. I did  my homework…Dr Yun and St Johns use the  most progressive methods for optimum results . Other surgeons(including my celebrity doc)..use antiquated and inadequate methods that lead to in many cases uneven leg length and limitations
during recovery that impact outcomes especially for those over 50. I have referred friends to Dr. Yun….and the results have been just as phenomenal. Thank you Dr.Yun!


– Joanna B.

Venice, CA



I would highly recommend Dr.Yun. He did my partial knee replacement over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. He changed my life!!!

Dr. Yun did my partial knee replacement six months ago. He is by far the most knowledgable and well… Dr. Yun did my partial knee replacement six months ago. He is by far the most knowledgable and well respected doctors in his industry. His bedside manner was great and I couldn’t have been happier with his staff. I would highly recommend Dr.Yun!!!


– Brian B.

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, CA



Dr.  Andrew Yun did my anterior hip replacement 2 years ago and it was nothing short of a miracle.  I was in tears the morning that I went to the hospital for the surgery and was walking without pain, a cane or a walker 3 days later.  I have full range of motion in the hip and  If I didn’t have a scar, I wouldn’t even know that I had the hip replaced.  I found Dr. Yun to be pleasant and professional.  He answered all of my questions and I fully understood exactly what the surgery entailed before the operation.  Additionally, the written material that he provided was very complete and provided all of the information that I needed both before and after the operation.


– Robin H.




Zach E is right on. I will run out of superlatives in describing this superb, incredibly gifted surgeon.   Dr. Yun is a packed powerhouse of efficiency,  focus,  analytic ability, technical  skill, knowledge, and experience combined with warmth and  understanding.  Do not be fooled  by his brevity.  Every  minute with Dr. Yun is worth hundreds– he is entirely focused on you and immediately  is able to understand your  problem and provide the relevant information,all with a genuine smile that conveys reassurance and caring. . You leave with  the unmistakable (and correct!)  feeling that you are in the best hands possible. The clearly written material he provides   answers all your  questions about your surgery and anticipates and explains every step and bump in your recovery  — this alleviates anxiety throughout the process. Dr.  Yun IS available if you still have questions as are his knowledgeable  assistants.    I had a total hip replacement, the surgery  for which was complicated by problems that had arisen during a nine month failed recovery from a fractured femur which had been pinned (not by Dr. Yun). . The results of Dr. Yun’s surgery were perfect;  the recovery virtually painless and smooth. I would not go so far as to recommend breaking a hip just to have it repaired by Dr. Yun,  but I can honestly say that  my experience with him has been so positive in every way that I would not have a moment’s hesitation about seeing him again. I  I understand that Consumer Reports has ranked his unit as the highest  for joint replacement in the nation. That has to be right.  The nurses in the hospital never stopped singing his praises.   I suspect Dr. Yun’s  patients are their favorites because we recover so well. (I know three other people who have had hip replacements with Dr. Yun and they feel the same way about him as I do).


– Benjamin S.

Marina Del Rey, CA



Let me start off by saying I have not received a joint replacement from Dr. Yun, but felt compelled to share my experiences in the operating room.  I have been in orthopedics almost two decades and can honestly say I am impressed with the orthopedic team at Saint Johns.  I have had the pleasure of closely working with Dr. Yun’s hand picked team and have seen first hand individual compassionate care driven by precision in the O.R. Dr. Yun and his team have developed an unmatched technique to ensure proper alignment through state of the art techniques and proven methods with great results.  The orthopedic team at Saint Johns Hospital have been recently recognized by consumer reports as one of the top 5 safest hospitals in the nation for joint replacements. I have recommended Dr. Yun to close friends and family and will continue to do so.  If you are looking for a surgeon that provides great outcomes then look no further.  And to those who have already had a joint replacement from Dr. Yun, congratulations!


– Cris A.

La Puente, CA



As long as I known Dr. Yun. He has shown perfection in his work as a orthopedic surgeon. At St. John’s Hospital he works with a dedicated team of skilled nurses and associates. His dedication and skill is evident in every one of the one thousand total joint replacement procedures that Dr. Yun performs every year.


– Daniel R.

Los Angeles, CA



Dr. Yun and his staff are the most qualified professionals when dealing with your orthopedic arthritis needs. His expertise along with his affiliation with Saint John’s Hospital and Health Center make it the best choice for anyone to have their joint replacement. Feel confident that you have the best surgeon and staff who will get you back to a happy and healthy lifestyle.


– Steven S.

Santa Monica, CA



Dr. Andrew Yun is one of the finest, most technically gifted orthopedic surgeons in the country and perhaps the world. Dr. Yun performs roughly 1000 total knees and hips and partial knees annually. I would bet my last dollar that his patient satisfaction scores are among the highest in the country. 

I work in the orthopedic industry and have done so for over a decade. I will tell you what is most important when seeking out an orthopedic surgeon for a partial or total knee replacement…EXPERIENCE!!!  Dr. Yun has done more partial knees than anyone in Southern California and does as many total knees as anyone I’ve come across. His results are spectacular and I do not see Dr. Yun’s patients coming back to the OR for a redo which is all too common a problem with inexperienced recon surgeons. He uses great product and more importantly, uses every tool available to him to ensure the proper placement, sizing, and overall accurate alignment of the implants he is uses to restore patients’ pain free mobility. He is a compassionate student of his profession and stays on the leading edge of orthopedics and medicine in general. 

Like I said before, I have been involved in orthopedics for over a decade. The proof is in the pudding. Were I to need a partial knee replacement tomorrow, I would seek out Dr. Yun and his team of medical professionals.


– Zach E.

Santa Monica, CA



I had a total hip replacement August 5, 2013.  Dr Andrew Yun was my surgeon. I think he is an amazing health care provider.  During my consultation visit, he sat down and clearly explained to me what was going on with my hip and how the anterior approach replacement would help my mobility.  I found the staff and accommodations at St. John’s Medical Center to be top-flight.  Dr. Yun checked in on me every day I was at St. John’s and told me what progress he expected each day.   Everything he told me about this surgery proved to be correct – less pain, fast recovery, great mobility.  You couldn’t ask for a surgeon with better credentials and experience.  Yes, his manner is brisk, but I came to him for his expertise and skill, not his bedside manner.  Look at the bigger picture – when it comes to your long-term health and quality of life, there’s no question that Dr. Yun is the surgeon you want.


– Linda C.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA