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About Us

We focus only on hip and knee arthritis to deliver the most specialized treatment possible. Every surgery carries risk, and our mission is to help patients get better safely. Through a combination of personalized medicine and advanced surgical care, our patients recover quickly. Patients are on their feet again the same day of surgery with our unique Rapid Recovery Protocols.

We believe informed patients make the best decisions. Surgical treatment is tailored to a patient’s specific condition, age, and overall health. We work to be very clear on options, outcomes, and expectations. Not all patients will require surgery nor will they be candidates for surgery with us.

We are conveniently located throughout Los Angeles. We are based in Santa Monica at St John’s Hospital. As a center of excellence, St John’s Hospital is the premiere hospital in Los Angeles.

Ours is the only program in Los Angeles to win Highest Honors by Consumer Reports in both hip and knee replacement.